What is AirdropRating

Feb 28, 2020 is the main airdrop posting site that gives exhaustive and solid appraisals for Exclusive Airdrops and Premium Airdrops

You can use AirdropRating as an airdrop dashboard where you can explore to the undertaking's locales or channels, get updates, and source of both basic data more advance data. 

It arranges and scores the extensive airdrops dependent on various basic components so you can make a strong choice while picking a blockchain venture. offers a larger number of favorable circumstances than you can envision. is First-class Listings 

In case you're an Airdrop tracker, will be a great a gold mine for you. 

They present more than +100 potential blockchain ventures recorded via AirdropRating, and you can get to them all through the site. 

On the website, they show problem-free involvement and arranging a huge number of Airdrops into the top potential rundown. It's the best passage point to inquire about airdrops. 

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